Clinical Product Print CatalogDiagnose, prescreen and investigate the effect of pathogens on humans with easy-to-use, low-cost Biomed microbiology devices. The multifunctional packaging design of InTray™  and InPouch™ makes for easier sample handling and smoother workflow. Once the device is inoculated, no other preparations are required. Choose from a broad range of media to test for organisms causing sexually transmitted infections, food-borne illness, hospital acquired infection and more.

  • For clinical use, each Biomed IVD device is listed with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for in vitro diagnostic use in human clinical labs. InPouch™  TV is the Gold Standard diagnostic for the Trichomonas vaginalis STI.
  • Use Biomed microbiology devices to augment risk management activities that reduce Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI). For prescreening patients and testing treatment areas and equipment, InTray™  and InTray™  Colorex™  devices offer a quick, low-cost method to detect resistant microbes that contribute to HAI's.
  • Applied in clinical and public health labs for clinical, diagnostic and research use, InTray™  helps simplify workflow, increase safety and enhance efficiency.


About InPouch™

This single device performs multiple functions to help reduce costs, increase efficiency and ensure accuracy. A fully enclosed, oxygen-resistant plastic pouch, InPouch is used for sample collection, transport and culture. The InPouch also serves as its own microscope slide without any additional preparation.


  • Seals against contamination – no need to re-open to view, count or identify
  • Proprietary medium delivers high specificity and selectivity
  • Long shelf-life (up to 1 year from date of manufacture) prevents product loss and eases inventory management
  • PCR-compatible for transport and incubation


About InTray™

A stackable, fully enclosed microbiology cassette, the InTray™ enables sample collection, transport and culture in a single device. The multifunctional devices reduce cost, increase efficiency and ensure accuracy.


  • Observe InTray™ samples under a microscope through anti-fogging, optically clear plastic – no need to prepare a separate slide
  • Controlled air exchange protects against exposure or contamination; ideal for field use and austere environments
  • Shelf life of 6 months or more (from date of manufacture) with individual expiration date – unlike a petri dish sleeve


About InTray™ Colorex™

Distinctive colony color and morphology differences produced by Colorex™ technology make preliminary bacteria detection and identification easy. Colorex™ premium chromogenic microbiology media permits single-step isolation and identification of pathogenic microorganisms based simply on color, usually within 24 hours. Colorex™ is available in InTray™ through a partnership with CHROMagar™ of France.